AR Dance Macabre Game

The Dance Macabre Game Project

May 1, 2018 adminvirtuale 0

The project is about providing a music program that lets the user create a “Danse Macabre” based on a collection of music fragments that recombine into a finished piece, which can then be played back […]

Game Space Seoul

Pop Up Spaces & the Art of Gaming

June 14, 2017 adminvirtuale 0

Introduction Computer games have become an integral part of our everyday culture. The game industry is now the branch of the culture industry with the highest turnover. Artists from a wide variety of disciplines are […]

Exhibition Photo

Prizing Art and Praising Science

May 23, 2017 adminvirtuale 0

Art and Science can be considered as opposites, one based on fancy and the other based on fact. However in today’s world, many artists look for inspiration in science and many scientists are fascinated with […]

Grand Central Station Rendering of August Strasse


May 17, 2017 adminvirtuale 0

MetroNeXt+                                                                     […]


The Biobbles Pop Up Space

May 15, 2017 adminvirtuale 0

The Biobbles Pop Up & Display Case Exhibition Seoul, South Korea 2015 Introduction The Biobbles Pop Up was an “off space” designed as a satellite meeting point for relaxation and communication. Visitors to the space […]

Bansky Image

The Art of Augmenting Reality

March 7, 2017 adminvirtuale 0

Over the last few years, we have been witness to the emergence of the use of the virtual in public space. The manifestation of the virtual and the interplay of it with the real are […]


Pokemon Go in Lugano?

February 27, 2017 adminvirtuale 0

An interview with Virtuale Switzerland on the latest trends in public space. RSI: What is the Virtuale, actually? VS: The Virtuale is a festival for urban space that combines the fruit of today’s mobile phone technology […]