Virtuale Basel [Five Routes]

Virtuale for Basel digitally enhances the five scenic walking routes that guide people through the city. Each of the routes offers the public different collection of artworks that focus thematically on the person who the tour is named after. Several of these works are interactive and allow the visitor to participate creatively, while others are sculpture-like and point out and increase the beauty of a few of the most well-known and picturesque places that the city of Basel has to offer.

A number of the projects for the Virtuale for Basel focus on the history and culture of Basel. The project “Money Can Buy You Love” expresses young ideas about future and finance and celebrates 500 years of Rathaus Basel. The “Meet the Music” project celebrates the tradition of the Totentanz and platforms compositions by noted composers from Basel in a playful way using Augmented Reality.

Several works will find their premier in Basel: “Tunnel / Vision” by Franziska Furter turns the Middle Bridge into optical tunnel filled with rotating super graphics and the work “People We Have Met But Don’t Remember by Peter Aerschmann boasts a collection of familiar unknown faces along the entire length of the Wettstein Bridge.

Virtuale New York [MetroNext+]

MetroNeXt+ took the public on a virtual journey from Grand Central Terminal to downtown Zurich using the latest in Augmented Reality technology. The project was based around the exhibition of a replica of a vintage New York City subway entrance that transports visitors virtually to Zurich where they can experience a selection of the architecture, arts, sciences, as well as the lifestyle of Switzerland largest city.

Virtuale Lausanne [City]

Lausanne is a city in Romandy, the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The city is built on the southern slope of the Swiss plateau between the lakeshore at Ouchy. Lausanne boasts a dramatic panorama over the lake and the Alps. With a population of circa 130 thousand people, it is the fourth largest city of the Switzerland and as a city with a 28-station metro system; it is the smallest city in the world to have a rapid transit system. There are around 50 sites that are listed as Swiss heritage site of national significance. The areas in Lausanne of most interest to tourists are the Cité (old city), the Flon and the port of Ouchy. To help visitors to discover Lausanne, the city has been divided into a five touristic zones, each zone being of a different character and each having a number of highlights and “have-to-be-seens”.

Virtuale Lausanne [WiMet Spinners]

WieMet Spinners is a series of augmented reality apparitions appearing at select Metro stations throughout Lausanne city which are viewable via any mobile device. The artworks show up as rotating sculpture, optical patterns, and clouds of ephemera. Check it out and experience the the latest in the art of the 21st Century!

Lausanne [Rolex Centre]

The “In Nu: Of Flowers and Supernovae” project bridges the wonders and poetics of flowers and supernovae like things into a project that reflects the fuzzy boundaries between the arts and the sciences. Visitors to this completely virtual exhibition can click into the exhibition using their mobile devices and turn the Rolex Center at the EPFL into a site of three-dimensional fields of exotic flowers and vegetation, or experience dizzying galaxies of orbiting internet ephemera.

Virtuale Lugano [City Tour]

The itinerary leads from the new Cultural Centre LAC, down the long narrow of Via Nassa through to the center of Lugano, where visitors discover the traditional and cultural aspects of the city while viewing a fantastic array of premier  works. The tour explores contrasting the architectural monuments of the past while showcasing virtual artwork of contemporary artists located in the Piazza della Riforma, Piazza Dante. Navigating upwards  through narrow streets to the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, visitors can write wishes and wants on the sky virtually. The route ends with an optional plunge into one of the city’s greenest areas, Parko Civico, which is the the largest city park and one of the most important in Switzerland.  Here the flowers colours harmonise and blend with the shades of the lake and the surrounding landscape while virtuale butterflies flock and enhance it all.

Virtuale Lugano [Lake Tour]

Working in closely with routes of boat excursions of the “Società navigazione del lago di Lugano” and the Unseen Art Festival of Australia, the Virtuale Switzerland has been able to bring a collection of new virtuale artworks and to place one at each of the ports stops along the lake at which the boats dock. As the ship nears the port, visitors will be able to see the artwork appear, floating above the port and while the boat passes by the middle of the lake, the visitors will find themselves in the middle of a virtual field of water lilies, immersing the ship in a thicket of greens and flowery colors. The Waters and Ports exhibit is a route that brings visitors to popular and charming ports such as  Museo Helvetia, Grotto Elvetia, Gandria, Museo Doganale, Caprino, and Saint Rocco and opens visitors  up to  artwork of the 21st Century  from international renowned artists that must be seen.