IT Poster Slam

Key Image 3D Model
The IT Poster Slam is a multifaceted cluster project whose main event is a competition for poster papers focusing on the use of informatics in any area of knowledge. In addition to the competition, several poster courses that can be taken to learn and evaluate one’s skill level in informatics are offered, and several micro exhibitions will be offered that show how informatics have come to be used in the digital arts and digital heritage, and in turn, how the use of coding in the arts has sprung up new ways to teach coding to others.
When it comes to the competition for poster papers, the IT Poster Slam is as varied as the field of informatics itself and despite the immense diversity in applications of IT today, the link that joins all of the posters on display is that they are all from young thinkers dedicated to and fascinated by informatics and the how life in the digital age affecting and transforming our lives.
The effectiveness of the development of knowledge and the application of IT in shaping the society in the 21st century inevitably calls for close integration of technological innovations with areas such as social sciences, ethics, policy, and digital arts and humanities. For this reason, the possibility of contributing a poster to the competition goes out to all those regardless of area of study who feel that they have touched on a subject that involves IT in an innovative manner.
The actual setup of the Poster Slam event was given special consideration in that each of the posters is placed within a maze so that experiencing the event by wandering through it will engage all who make their way through the maze with the idea that IT todays is all encompassing and that applications for science, society, as well as for the arts are all viable areas of enquiry in terms of informatics.