Exhibition: 19 June 2014 to 28 September 2014
Opening: 4 to 7 pm, Thursday 19 June 201
Place: St. Alban Ferry, “Wilde Ma”


Virtuale for Basel digitally enhances the five scenic walking routes that guide people through the city. Each of the routes offers the public different collection of artworks that focus thematically on the person who the tour is named after. Several of these works are interactive and allow the visitor to participate creatively, while others are sculpture-like and point out and increase the beauty of a few of the most well-known and picturesque places that the city of Basel has to offer.

A number of the projects for the Virtuale for Basel focus on the history and culture of Basel. The project “Money Can Buy You Love” expresses young ideas about future and finance and celebrates 500 years of Rathaus Basel. The “Meet the Music” project celebrates the tradition of the Totentanz and platforms compositions by noted composers from Basel in a playful way using Augmented Reality.

Several works will find their premier in Basel: “Tunnel / Vision” by Franziska Furter turns the Middle Bridge into optical tunnel filled with rotating super graphics and the work “People We Have Met But Don’t Remember by Peter Aerschmann boasts a collection of familiar unknown faces along the entire length of the Wettstein Bridge.