Exhibition: 6th May to 19th May, 10:00 – 22:00
Opening: Monday 6th May, 17:00
Place; Harbor Area


The project “Window Zoos & Views” was inspired by an image of a car driving down Singapore’s legendary Orchard Road. The windshield of the car was plastered with stickers of popular cartoon characters. By driving down the street, the car mixes the cartoon characters with the actual world and the cartoon characters augment the real world environment. The interior of the car was transformed by the stickers into a kind of a virtual space in which the passengers inside were able to exceed the bounds of physical reality.In keeping with the idea of the car and the experience it provides those inside it, a concept was developed to transform Orchard Road into a virtual exhibition space for pedestrians by creating an responsive smart phone application and overlaying the entire road with geo-tagged media common to game technologies and augmented reality systems. Like the car’s windshield, pedestrian’s mobile device screens become windows onto the virtual world that is emerging around us, expanding our notion of what constitutes public space and how art can be exhibited. Whether traveling by vehicle or by foot, artworks will augment the “stop and go” journey down the road adding to the hustle and bustle of the people and the glare and flash of window displays and neon signs. Utilizing this type of technology in an art context is a new proposition that explores all that we know and experience as the mix of the real and the hyper-real, calling into question the border between art and life itself.